Manage Reviews

Basic Plan

Monthly Price


Reviews The number of reviews we will store. Unlimited
Review profiles The number of review platforms you can connect – for example, a Facebook page is a review profile. 3
Notifications Get notified about new reviews across all our supported review sites.
Respond Respond to reviews directly from our dashboard.
User accounts Add teammates to your account. 1
Manage multiple locations The number of business locations that you can manage reviews for. 1 ($15 per additional user )

Generate Reviews

Email invites The number of emails you can send in a given month. SMS invites The number of SMS you can send in a given month. 500 100
CSV customer upload Upload a list of customers in bulk with a CSV.
Template library & builder Customize your templates with a drag and drop editor.
Landing pages Pages purpose-built for review conversion, with optional sentiment funnels.
Customer timeline Get an overview of events for each customer.
Advanced Filtering Slice and dice your customer based on where they are in the review generation funnel ______
Reminders Use reminders to send follow-ups to customers who haven’t reviewed you.   ______
Personalized sender address Send your review invitations from your own domain.   ______
Campaigns Fully customized drip campaigns based on your needs.   _______

Market Reviews

  Embeddable widgets Drive conversions and trust by showing your reviews on your site.
Email signature widgets Generate reviews from your email signature.  
Rich snippets Show stars in the Google search results   _________
Automated social sharing Share your latest and greatest reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.   __________

Analyze reviews

Scheduled reports Analyze your performance with scheduled reports.  
Analytics Dig into how your reviews are performing.   ______
Competitor intelligence Compare your performance with your competitors to stay one step ahead.   ______
Sentiment analysis Track how your customers feel about your company over time.   ________